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With Ron Kotecki's start of the company in 1971, he's built a team of construction professionals with a clear focus on delivering quality in every step of the building timeline.  Four of the family members are in the business and have degrees from Purdue University - Boiler Up!!! 

We'll talk you through all the things you should be concerned with in the design stage:  Square footage, Warehouse / office ratio, clear height, heat / cool requirements, retainage, parking, and a myriad of other items that become very important when it comes time to get a permit. 

It all starts with an initial consultation.  We'll help you dovetail your knowledge with our building experience.


Let us help you with a high efficiency roof that will increase your R-factor & extend roof life, resulting in lower heating and operating costs


Raise the roof

Overcome vertical obsolescence with an increased clear height under your roof - we can build right on top of your current facility to increase functionality!

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Our mission is to continually improve our design techniques and construction management to satisfy our customers' requirement 100% of the time in line with our contractual responsibility and to achieve sufficient return on our investment to enable us to prosper as a company through being a credit to truth in our industry.